ThermoFluid TF10
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ThermoFluid TF–10

Dielectric Cooling Fluid
1000 Litre Tote
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ThermoFluid TF-10 is a dielectric fluid for immersive cooling of electronic equipment. This proprietary non-toxic formulation is designed with high-performance, low viscosity, synthetic base oils and additives to ensure exceptional cooling and a long bath life.

Cold BehaviourResultTesting
Operational Range40 — 60ºC
Pour Point-15ºCASTM D5950
Thermal PropertiesResultTesting
Thermal Conductivity at 50ºC0.144 W/m-KASTM D7896
Density at 15ºC0.8248 gm/lISO 3675
Kinematic Viscosity at 50ºC9.59 cStASTM D445
Specific Heat at 50ºC2.2 kJ/kgCASTM E-1269
Fire SafetyResultTesting
Neutralisation Values0.145 mg KOH/gIEC 62021-2