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ThermoFluid TF–10

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203 Litre Drum



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ThermoFluid TF-10 is a dielectric fluid for immersive cooling of electronic equipment. This low-toxicity, proprietary formulation contains high-performance, low viscosity synthetic base oils and additives to ensure exceptional cooling properties and extended equipment bath life.

Container sizes may vary according to availability, bulk orders for exact volumes welcome, contact us for an accurate quote including delivery to your region.

Cold BehaviourResultTesting
Operational Range40 — 60ºC
Pour Point-15ºCASTM D5950
Thermal PropertiesResultTesting
Thermal Conductivity at 50ºC0.144 W/m-KASTM D7896
Density at 15ºC0.8248 gm/lISO 3675
Kinematic Viscosity at 50ºC9.59 cStASTM D445
Specific Heat at 50ºC2.2 kJ/kgCASTM E-1269
Fire SafetyResultTesting
Neutralisation Values0.145 mg KOH/gIEC 62021-2