Lake Parime PowerDock Range
PowerDock SB-3000
PowerDock LV-1500
Lake Parime



PowerDock is the electrical infrastructure required to energize HPC data centers, acting as the intermediary between them and a site’s power connection point.

Its two variants are the SB-3000 and the LV-1500. PowerDock SB-3000 incorporates medium voltage distribution, a transformer and low voltage distribution - the complete solution. PowerDock LV-1500 includes only low voltage distribution and is suitable for sites where an appropriate existing transformer connection is available.

Power Input400 V13.8 kV
Frequency50/60 Hz60 Hz
Cabling Output20 x 3-phase2 x 20 x 3-phase
Dimensions2380 x 1980 x 1350 mm3048 x 4572 x 2641 mm
Weight1400 kg6580 kg
Environmental ProtectionIP56NEMA 3R